Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry

Aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry makes complex demands on dentists when it comes to meeting the patient’s wishes in the best possible way.  The focus is on interdisciplinary treatment concepts drawn from different areas of dentistry. The postgraduate Master of Science (Continuing Education) programmes therefore focus on interdisciplinary planning and action.  A variety of materials and methods have become available, especially in the area of highly aesthetic patient care, which need to be classified critically. Especially in the field of digitalisation of dentistry, it is important to distinguish between technical possibilities and integration into everyday practice. Exemplary topics in the curriculum also cover metal-free reconstructions, pre-prosthetic surgery, adhesive techniques and interdisciplinary orthodontic treatment strategies.

In addition to the dental possibilities, increased patient demands must also be taken into account. These are often no longer shaped by life expectancy or phase of life, but rather by the quality of life to be achieved.  Fixed restorations are thereby becoming increasingly important. This also expressly includes the timing and preparation of interim solutions.

From an aesthetic point of view, minimally invasive techniques in dentistry and long-term tooth preservation often place very high demands on patient care. For this purpose, specific skills and methods are discussed and presented in detail.

The objective of the master's degree programme is therefore to promote interdisciplinary thinking, planning and action in order to achieve a high level of patient satisfaction and quality of life, while taking individual expectations into account.

Academic Director:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Constantin von See MaHM
Director of the Centre of Digital Technologies in Dentistry and CAD/CAM, Danube Private University (DPU)