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Danube Private University GmbH (DPU)
Steiner Landstraße 124, 3500 Krems an der Donau, AUSTRIA
+43 676 842 419 305

Legal form: Limited liability company (GmbH)
Purpose of the company: Operation of a private university
Legal status/accreditation: Accredited tertiary educational institution
Company register number: FN 333663 g
VAT identification number: ATU 652 135 47
Registration court: Krems an der Donau Regional Court membership(s): Austrian Economic Chamber
Trade and professional regulations:

All laws and regulations are available at

Supervisory authorities:

  • Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria(
  • Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research (BMBWF)
  • (for the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems): Lower Austria Provincial Government

Shareholders and bodies authorised to represent the company:
PUSH Postgraduale Universitätsstudien für Heilberufe GmbH (“PUSH GmbH”); 100% shareholding); Shareholder of PUSH GmbH:

  • Prof. h.c. Marga B. Wagner-Pischel, Managing Director of PUSH GmbH
  • Stefanie Arco-Zinneberg, MA
  • Robert Wagner, MA

Authorised representative bodies of DPU:
Prof. h.c. Marga B. Wagner-Pischel
President of DPU
Managing Director of the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems

DPU University Council:

Founder of DPU and member of the DPU University Council

  • Michael Korth
  • Dr. Regina Maj
  • Jost Fischer

Basic purpose of the website:
Information about the private university “Danube Private University” (DPU), the academic programmes it offers as well as the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems and PUSH GmbH’s sponsorship.

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Danube Private University GmbH (DPU)