Merit Scholarships

The Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft) will provide Danube Private University (DPU) with approximately EUR 31,000 in 2023 for the award of merit and support scholarships in accordance with the Merit and Support Scholarships Ordinance 2023. According to section 61 (1) StudFG, the minimum amount of a merit scholarship per student may not be less than EUR 750 and the maximum amount of EUR 1,500 may not be exceeded.

The basic requirement is compliance with the period of study according to section 18 and 19 StudFG and the equality of citizenship according to section 4 StudFG.

Further requirements for a merit scholarship are the completion of 30 ECTS per semester and a grade point average of no lower than 2.0 as a result of final examinations relevant to the academic programmethat cover all courses in a stage of study. In the Diploma Programme in Dental Medicine, this is the Summative Integrated Examination I or II  in winter semester 2022/23 or summer semester 2023. In the consecutive Bachelor’s degree programme in Human Medicine, this is the MED1 overall examination for the summer semester 2023.

Applications must be submitted by 01 December 2023 using the attached form to Ms Tegethoff ( at the Examination Office. The office will also be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the average grades. Merit scholarships are awarded by DPU university management.

Since the number of scholarship applicants who meet the call criteria can be higher than the funds available for allocation, the minimum amount is allocated until the budget is exhausted, i.e. even students who meet the call criteria will not necessarily receive an allocation. There is no legal entitlement to the scholarship funds.

Since both the number of applications and the funds available fluctuate annually, a concrete calculation can only be made after all applications have been received and evaluated. For this reason, no information can be given about the chances of receiving a merit scholarship.

All scholarship applicants will be notified of the award or rejection (with reasons), stating the order in which they were ranked.

Entitlement period (section 18 StudFG)

  1. The entitlement period basically comprises the period of study intended for the completion of diploma examinations, bachelor’s examinations, master’s examinations, PhD examinations, teacher’s examinations or other examinations concluding the degree programme or the stage of study plus one additional semester. If the year of study or training is not divided into semesters, the entitlement period shall comprise the intended period of study plus half a year of study or training of the respective stage of study, taking into account any important reasons.
  2. For students who have passed the first diploma examination in the scheduled period of study, the entitlement period in this field of study is extended by one semester in the second stage of study.

Extension of the entitlement period for important reasons (section 19 StudFG)

  1. The entitlement period is to be extended if the student proves that the exceeding of the period of study was due to an important reason.
  2. Important reasons within the meaning of para. 1 are:
    • Illness of the student, if proven by specialist medical confirmation
    • Pregnancy of the student
    • Any unforeseen or unavoidable event, if the student is not at fault or only has a minor degree of negligence
    • Official university mobility programmes
  3. The entitlement period shall be extended without further proof of the reason for the study delay:
    • by one semester, in the event of pregnancy (copy of the mother-child passport),
    • by a maximum of two semesters per child (copy of birth certificate), in the event of the care and upbringing of a child before the age of six, which the student is legally required to undertake during their studies,
    • by two semesters for students whose degree of disability has been determined to be at least 50% in accordance with federal regulations (copy of the decision on the degree of disability),
    • by one semester for six months of service in each case (copy of the relevant notice) in the event of completion of military or civilian service during the entitlement period.
  4. Pursuant to §75(15) StudFG, the total period of entitlement under §18 (1) StudFG is extended by the transfer to new curricula under §80 (3) UniStG only to the extent that this results from the longer period of study or the higher number of stages of study.

A dual degree programme or professional work does not count as an extension criterion! For programmes that are divided into stages of study, the period of study must be adhered to in all stages.


Scholarships for pupils and students

Pupils and students can apply to the Finance Department for scholarships to help them attend school or university.

A scholarship can be applied for once per school/university year. The Finance Department checks the individual eligibility requirements and grants the corresponding scholarship if the result is positive. The funds come from a non-profit Lower Austrian scholarship foundation.

Lower Austria Scholarship Foundations

For a scholarship from a non-profit foundation, specifically the General Scholarship Foundation of Lower Austria (Allgemeine Stipendienstiftung Niederösterreich), the Michael von Zoller Foundation (Michael von Zoller-Stiftung), the Windhag Scholarship Foundation for Lower Austria (Windhag-Stipendienstiftung für Niederösterreich), the Prof. Anton Bauer Scholarship Foundation (Prof. Anton Bauer Stipendien Stiftung), and the Rosalia Czech Scholarship Foundation (Rosalia Czech‘schen Stipendienstiftung), applicants must:

  • be a properly enrolled pupil or student,
  • be in need,
  • attend Austrian public or publicly funded higher education institute with a matriculation examination, teacher training colleges, college of agricultural and environmental education, (private) universities, universities of applied sciences or music conservatories,
  • have a favourable school/university record,
  • be an Austrian citizen,
  • have their main residence in Lower Austria, (South) Tyrol or Vienna at the time of birth.

The detailed funding requirements are contained in the Funding Guidelines .

The application period begins on 15 September and ends on 15 May of the current school or academic year.

Student scholarship applications must be submitted using the E-Gov form via the scholarship application for students link:


Formular Leistungsstipendium_2023