Centre for Natural and Cultural History of Man

The “Natural and Cultural History of Man” research area, under the scientific direction of Univ.-Prof. Kurt W. Alt, combines bioarchaeology at the interface of medicine and dentistry with evolutionary medicine in a transdisciplinary way.  The main focus in archaeology is the reconstruction of the structure and dynamics in prehistoric and historical populations. Methodologically, the focus is on osteology, molecular genetics and isotope research, while laboratory analysis focuses on histological research on bones and teeth in the context of dental anthropological and forensic issues. The Evolutionary Medicine work area deals with the origin and development of diseases of civilisation as well as measures for their prevention. Due to modern living conditions, nutrition and exercise are the focus here. 

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kurt W. Alt
Director of the Centre for Natural and Cultural History of Man
Email: kurt.alt@dp-uni.ac.at