Postgraduate University Programmes (MSc) (CE)

PUSH – Postgraduate University Studies for Medical Professions

For more than two decades, PUSH – Postgraduale Universitätsstudien für Heilberufe GmbH, partly in prior cooperation with Danube University Krems (DUK) (as the parent company of DPU) has been providing Master of Science (MSc) specialisation programmes for dentists all over the world.   To date, over 6,500 dentists have graduated with a Master of Science (MSc) degree. Currently, 1,100 dentists from 66 nations are enrolled in one of the postgraduate university programmes Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Science (Continuing Education), abbreviated MSc (CE).

Lifelong learning – STATE OF THE ART

To be among the best in the profession, to excel through knowledge, to avoid treatment errors through sound knowledge, to achieve better healing results and thus to increase the success of the practice – this is a professional strategy that is worthwhile for dentists and their patients.

We want to help dentists to be ready for constant innovative change through lifelong state-of-the-art university education and to gain the key resources for a Dental Excellence practice.

Studying part-time in accordance with EU guidelines

A modern master’s degree programme offers more than just professional training. In accordance with the EU guidelines for recognising academic master's degrees, it takes place over six semesters with a workload of 120 ECTS and 45 to 50 days of attendance, allowing for part-time study in modular organisation alongside managing a successful practice. Between the regular modules, students can immediately apply what they have learned in their practices.

Graduates of the dental university programmes receive the academic degree Master of Science (Continuing Education), MSc (CE), in the chosen field after fulfilling the European ECTS guidelines (regular participation in the modules listed in the curriculum, master thesis approx. 40 DIN A4 pages, documentation of ten to twelve patient cases, single choice tests, oral/written examinations).

Quality assurance

The highest standards in science, teaching and practice are created by having renowned academics as lecturers, their excellent didactic skills and programmes geared towards dental excellence practices, as well as within the framework of routine evaluations by AQ, the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria, and confirmed by the master’s students themselves.

Exchange with colleagues

The university further education study programmes are designed for all age groups. While experienced dentists often want to give their practice and their lives a new push through their studies, younger colleagues want to place set their professional future on a high level right from the stArticle

Students are a part of a group of interested colleagues who want to further their education in a focused way. The professional exchange between colleagues, the friendships and collaboration during internships that develop are also a resource of competence for practice work that should not be underestimated. The outstanding nature of a university programme for continuing education is proven by a third of the students who have already completed or embarked on their second, third or even fourth university programme for continuing education.

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