Dental and Medical Excellence

Danube Private University (DPU) stands for excellence in science, research and teaching and, through the Department of Medicine/Dentistry, offers students not only basic studies but also postgraduate university courses leading to the degrees of Master of Science (Continuing Education) (MSc)(CE) as well as an academic Doctor of Dentistry (PhD).

Renowned professors impart state-of-the-art knowledge with an excellent supervision ratio between the teams of academics and the students. Practical training is also provided on the basis of the latest procedures as well as state-of-the-art equipment, starting from the first semester. Students are involved in working and research groups according to their talents and distinguish themselves in competition with students from other universities. The outstanding academic results of the programme are published internationally. The reputation of the university and the quality of the teaching ultimately shape the doctoral students’ later achievements as well as their enjoyment of and success in the profession. DPU is excellently positioned in science and research, which is why the university’s innovative spirit was recognised and promoted by the EU and the province of Lower Austria.

Academic Success in the Community

Students find adventure in academic life at DPU. They are encouraged and challenged. Lecturers and students engage in an open and lively exchange. Despite stringent academic demands, studies at DPU take place in a positive, familiar atmosphere. Mutual consideration and learning in a community take the place of selfish competition.

A clearly structured and streamlined study programme, compact teaching, compulsory attendance and regular coaching and tutorials stimulate performance. Each student at DPU has access to exclusive internship places and a wide range of patients during the period of study, both in the pre-clinical and the clinical part of the studies.


At DPU you can study in scenic beauty, comfort and safety in Krems, Wachau, Lower Austria and, at the same time, you are networked with the international scientific community.