Ombudsman's Office and Service for Sudents & Equal Treatment

DPU feels that it is important that students are always well looked after. Therefore, contact persons are available within the university for all academic concerns, questions or complaints.

All students can turn to the ombudsman’s office and to the various contact persons to voice their concerns and find a solution together.

For more information on the functions of an ombudsman's office for students, please visit:


Ombudsman’s Office for Academic Affairs

Univ. Prof. MR HR Dr. Robert Fischer
Tel.: +43 676 6153834


Mag.a Susana Spitzer, Assistant to the Marketing and Management Directorate
Tel.: +43 676 842 419 350

Katharina Stöller, Admissions office - and advice, dentistry
Tel.: +43 676 842 419 312

Franziska Gruber, Studies secretariat - and advice, human medicine
Tel.: +43 676 842 419 328

Equal Opportunities Officer

Anja-Celine Raschbach 
Tel.: +43 676 842 419 404

DPU’s Gender Equality Plan

Gender equality means ensuring the same opportunities and conditions for all people, regardless of gender - whether this is in the legal or economic sense or in personal and professional development.

In Austria, as in Germany, there are legal frameworks to ensure such equality, but such frameworks only provide a foundation for sociological change. Both professional and private life are impacted.

Access to education, science and research is an enormous part of this change. As a private university, as well as an educator of young doctors, DPU is committed to making a contribution to gender equality.
It aims to integrate this commitment to gender equality at all levels of the organisation. This concerns not only teaching and research, but also administration, management and clinics.
DPU is committed to the principle of gender equality and the advancement of women, especially young female academics. This has already been enshrined in its articles of association, which also put a strong focus on anti-discrimination and diversity.

DPU also drafted a Gender Equality Plan in 2022, not only to commit to gender equality, but also to track plans and progress in this area. The Gender Equality Plan includes the six thematic areas that were also recommended by the European Commission:

  1. Work-life balance and culture of the organisation
  2. Gender balance at management & decision-making levels
  3. Gender equality in staff selection and career progression
  4. Integration of the gender dimension in teaching
  5. Integration of the gender dimension in research content
  6. Gender-based violence including sexual harassment

Gender Equality Plan of the Danube Private University 2022-2027