Bachelor/Master of Arts in Medical Journalism and Public Relations

The digital age is characterised by a particularly dynamic exchange of information and communication that has an immense influence on society. Students in the Bachelor/Master of Arts in Medical Journalism and Public Relations (BA/MA) course of study have the opportunity to learn to handle media content in a structured and differentiated way and to filter it based on its authoritativeness and reliability.

The health sector is an essential part of society that relies on evidence-based science and associated trust. Since money and marketing also play a big role in the health and pharmaceutical industry, it is particularly important to be able to differentiate manipulation and false reports from reliable findings as a participant in the health system – and to be educated in this regard.

At the highest level, renowned academics and other lecturers with practical experience teach students the professional, organisational, economic and legal foundations of medical journalism and public relations, supervise internships, and examine areas of application, methods, media, influences and the mechanisms surrounding medical and health journalism.

The knowledge gained in the degree programmes can be used profitably in later professional life, for example as a journalist, communications manager, medical documentarian or PR consultant or, if a degree in human medicine or dentistry has already been successfully completed, to help your own practice be more successful.