Greeting from the Student Sports Committee

Dear fellow students,

For me, sport has always had a special significance. Regardless of whether you take part in a particular type of sport alone or in a team, it is essential that you have the necessary discipline, that you accept the rules, and that you have the ability to handle both success and defeat in order to guarantee fair play and advance on an interdisciplinary level.

These characteristics and virtues, which can be learned and refined through practising sports, are crucial for both personal and societal development.

Sport increases our desire to increase our performance, our endurance, and our perseverance.

For us as future doctors and dentists, our goal is to pursue the motto “mens sana in corpore sano”. Because a healthy doctor is able to best help their patients.

 The members of the Sports Committee and myself as Chair have set ourselves the goal of expanding the range of sports on offer at our university in order to give students the opportunity to take a break from their demanding university studies.

We hope we can help you to build on your hobbies at uni – or even discover a new one.

We will be delighted to answer any questions you may have - please send us an email to

See you soon on campus!

Eric Hassdenteufel,

Chair of the Student Sports Committee, pre-clinical Chair of the Dentistry Student Body